Thursday, April 9, 2020


 Mom - what are you doing in there?
 Mmmm, Mom got out the bag of cheddar cheese.  I LOVE cheese.
 Can't you see how hungry I am, it's been 30 minutes since supper, that's 5 years in dog meals.
 What do you mean I don't get any because if I eat cheese on a full stomach I Toot!
It's Dad, I tell you, Dad made those noises last night that drove you two out of the den!
Sure, blame the DOG.
I'll sit here all cold and lonely and cheeseless.

I got a little bit of cheese!  Thanks Mom - I promise I'll sit downwind tonight!


  1. How could she be so cruel as to cheese-deprive you over a little gas?! Sheesh. Glad she came through in the end.

  2. Wonderful commentary to go with the photos. Beautiful.

  3. Oh gurl, I tells you, the peeps just blame us for everythings! YOU tootin'??? nah! I don't believes it! In any case, cheese is SO worth it!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Aww, to see that smiling face, it's so worth it! 🧀

  5. The pictures told the story for sure. Masks may come in handy for more than the flu!

  6. The coat on that dog is amazing. :)

    1. We adopted her 6 years ago at age 8. Not sure if her age at adoption was accurate. She's a "mix" and we think she's part flat coated retriever due to the incredibly glossy, softer coat and a red undercoat. We feed her Blue Basic Life Essentials with brown rice and chicken and she gets a couple of tablespoons full of Mom's homemade Kefir every night.


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