Friday, April 3, 2020

Social Distancing Reading Recommendation

With so many states on self-quarantine except for essential travel, I'm going to add a weekly book recommendation.  There will be multiple genres but all will be books suitable for most ages (nothing I wouldn't want my teenage granddaughter to read).

This was another in a highly rated series I started reading in February by a Chicago area writer with a deep grasp of the history in our area.  It's a delightful read and highly recommended!  If you like ghost stories and mystery you will love this.  I curled up with it one evening with a pot of herb tea and couldn't put it down.

Jessica Fletcher meets the Sopranos in the third book of the Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series.
Based on a real place with some historical persons and events.

Crime, deceit, love and the value of friendship set in the forests of Lemont, Illinois, in suburban Chicago. A woman whose family’s involvement in the Chicago Mob devastates lives throughout generations.

When an automobile accident leaves Valerie Pawlik totally blind, she masters the daily activities of a dark world, but due to painful mysteries from her childhood, she lacks the confidence to lead the independent life she desperately longs for with her young daughter. With the help of Cora and Cisco Tozzi, Frannie Berkowitz, and Billy Nokoy, Valerie sets out to search for the mother who deserted her and for the killer of her beloved uncle. But Billy is experiencing electrifying occult moments of his own. Their quest takes them into a dangerous world of the Chicago Mob and paranormal phenomena, culminating when a stalker threatens their lives in the Palos Forest Preserves.

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  1. Almost everyone I know is reading more. Stay safe.

  2. Outstanding! Always enjoy book recommendations to broaden my library horizons. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for featuring Pat's new book!

    1. You are welcome! Such a lovely book and I love to support local authors and publishers.


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