Friday, April 24, 2020

You Need to Take Some of that $$ You're Not Spending at the Hair Salon and Do some Fun Shopping

Brits - my favorite store of English/UK goods in Lawrence Kansas has added a BUNCH of items to their online store since their store is closed to other than curbside due to the virus. Since I wasn't spending money getting my hair highlighted I had a wonderful shopping trip of snacks and gifts. 
The box arrived only a few days after my order. I couldn't resist the Shaun the Sheep mug, the Wallace and Gromit solar toys (really, they're for the granddkids, really) and the cream scones (so good!)  I did have to wonder what "Steers Monkey Gland Sauce" was, but a dear female pilot friend of mine (who was part of my wedding party) who is married to a former LEO, now a minister from South Africa assured me that neither Monkeys or Glands were involved.  Check out her store.  This is a female-owned business and she's getting by only from online orders during the shutdown.  Great customer service - I've been shopping there for years at the recommendation of my friend Vic MD who is from Kansas and is part of a dog rescue group in Texas I've donated to.
They also have some gift cards and some high-end brand bath products that would be perfect for Mother's Day gifts (I've already purchased for my mother in law since both my Mom of 18 years and Stepmom of 30 years have passed.)


  1. "It's the wrong trousers Gromit, and they've gone wrong!"

    We are overdue for a rewatching, and we have the time.

    I will check out the suggested website.

  2. My fun shopping has been purchasing gf products hahaha. What fun things you bought.

  3. The scones look good. If we're still on lock down for Victoria Day, I think I'm going to make myself a High Tea. Scones, little finger sandwiches with cookies and squares, doesn't that sound good?

  4. We love Shaun the Sheep merch. Thanks for the website recommendation.

  5. The money we save on not getting our hair done is going to refuel the economy.


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