Monday, March 23, 2015

Sammy Sparow's First Flight

Hello from Abby the Rescue Lab.  Monday morning started with snow, and more snow keeps on falling.  My Dad let me roll out in the snow  on our walk this morning while Mom slept in (she goes on call late tonight) and it was wonderful!  Then, inside to read some blogs while Mom has coffee.

One we love is The Daily Pip blog and especially "Reading with Ruby".  Today's reviewed book was one Mom squee'd with delight over, and is going to order one for the grandpeeps.

Sammy Sparrow's First Flight, written and illustrated by award-winning Illinois writer/poet/artist Tracy Ahrens, author of six books, two of which help support humane organizations. In Sammy Sparrow First Flight, a young sparrow named Sammy quickly learns why parents set rules.  He was told not to fly alone at night.  His wings are weak and Sammy falls into a bush below.  The world looks scary from the ground.

With the aid of a kindly owl; the story has a happy ending;  one I know the little ones would love to read.

Based on the author's childhood years of rescuing baby sparrows that fell out of a multi-room birdhouse that sat high up on a pole in her neighbor's yard, the book is raising money for a number of Illinois humane organizations, doing their part to rescue those "lost little sparrows" in the form of dogs, cats, and horses that need loving homes or restorative care.  I think the world lost a wonderful Vet when Tracy switched her college major to English, but her wonderful way with the written word is doing amazing things; to not just support the animals with monetary help, but to open up people's eyes to the world around them and the love we animals bring into your lives.

To order a book visit  

For more on the humane aspects of this wonderful book and to see some of the beautiful artwork with the pages of Sammy Sparrow's First Flight visit:

Thanks for supporting those that use their gifts to help animals like me find a safe haven.

Abby the Lab


  1. We saw Ruby reading this super book. It is a grrrrand thingy.

  2. I so agree with you, it's a great book for all little's great to read about this little sparrow and to learn some things about life that way. 4 paws for a really GOOOOD book.
    easy rider

  3. Thanks for telling us about the book of rescuing sparrow babies. We wonder how often the little birdies fall out? We are sorry you got more snow.

    Your GUY Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. You're not alone with your snow - Choppy got a fresh round of flakes here this morning! And that looks like an excellent book!

  5. So glad to see you supporting this wonderful book, too! It's so lovely and I'm sure little peeps all over will enjoy it.

  6. Yep we got you added now!
    stella rose


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