Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sometime It is Worth the Journey

The Book of Barkley just hit #1 in sales at Amazon.   Not #1 in the Free Kindle Store, where it had been before but #1 in actual paperback book sales for genre.

Thank you - all of you in Blogville who read, supported and encouraged me, especially as a first time dog blogger.

I am especially thrilled as March sales are going not to just a couple pets that needed some help, but Midwest Lab Retriever Rescue and DFW Lab Rescue.

I miss you Barkley - but now the world will know how special you really were.

LB and family


  1. Congratulations!!!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Congrats! You must be over the moon with joy!

    Your Pals,


  3. Mom cried and then she called her Dad to tell him, as this is as much a story about her family as Barkley.

    Thank you for your kind wishes.

    Abby Lab


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