Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The $10,000 Dog

The Book of Barkley has donated to dozens of different rescue organizations since it was published in  the summer of 2014  but this one is close to my heart.

Search Dog Foundation

They are amazing animals - the majority of them rescues - so happy to have a purpose, a loving handler, human siblings and a home. I've worked alongside such dogs and they are amazing.

The Book of Barkley is completing the paperwork tomorrow to sponsor a dog so  we do  hope that you will consider a purchase of the paperback copy of The Book of Barkley or simply a direct donation to these fine folks to support that effort.   What is important is their support - not my book sales.

For those that have read the book - you know where I'm coming from - even if I can't directly discuss my adventures until after retirement.



  1. We haven't read your book yet, but we are going to order a copy this weekend! How wonderful that you are donating all the proceeds!

  2. I agree they are amazing! I visited the side and I was so touched as I read about Fletch... what a wonderful friend he was...
    easy rider

  3. Just finished reading your book this afternoon and am still digesting it. It was inspiring and made me contemplative. I know I need to go back and re-read some sections for the wording and advice. I am sorry for all your losses (just read about your Big Bro) but happy for all your gains. You have given me a new outlook and attitude for life and I hope I can remember day to day to think this way. I am just getting ready to schedule surgery for one of my dogs as she tore up her knee probably similar to your knee injury years ago. Money we don't need to be spending right now but will anyway. Thanks for writing the book and the blog which I am now enjoying as I read back through it. Thanks also for all the work you do for rescue organization. Both our dogs are also rescues. Looking forward to the next book. Tell Abby "Hi" for us.

  4. Angel Pip - thank you for reading the book, it's been great to help the dogs with it.

    Mark Muller - I wish I could have met Fletch and I agree - wonderful people. I was dog tired (pun intended) last night after being on duty a VERY long time but still got to chat with one of their organizers to set up the funding for the sponsor. They are the nicest people.

    Karen L - thank you for your words. It has gotten great reviews but I still cringe when someone gives it a poor review because" the author used her biography to talk about herself" (seriously?). You here all understand the intent and the message. Looking at the world as my dog did truly changed how I coped with how life treated me, and all for the better and sharing his stories, both sad and hilarious helps keep him alive in my family's memory. Thank you for taking the time to stop in and comment and I just gave Miss Abby a treat for you.


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