Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Frankie

With Mom sick we totally forgot Frankie's birthday and I felt SO bad, so I am sending a virtual birthday card with lots of wags and kisses.

So Happy Birthday to my guy Frankie from the


If you were here we'd let you eat one of Mom's Party Penguins (they're filed with cream cheese and the beak and feet are carrots) and we'd celebrate the big day.
But Mom wasn't feeling better so she went to the Horse-Spittle and they gave her some extra super duper antibiotics and sent her home and she should be feeling much better in a day or two. She leaves Sunday to go to Warshington State to spend a week with her Dad for his 96th birthday while I stay home with Dad who has a big project at work and couldn't take the time off.
Dad and I are serving up a HUGE thick crust pizza tonight and there's cold beer.  Maybe we'll let Mom eat a piece to go with her NASTY unsweetened crapberry juice.  (That's what Mom calls it though I really don't think there is a crapberry).  Apparently the sweetened Ocean Spray stuff is super duper good, but NOT the health food store brand unsweetened which is what her Dog-tor told her to get.

Happy Birthday Frankie - hugs and wags.  Your Abby


  1. OMD OMD ABBY.... you didn't need to be concerned... I am just wanting you to take GOOD care of your MOM while she is sickie... I am Glad that she is Outta the Horse Spittle.... and that she has Pills and stuffs ... butt not the CRAPberry drink...
    You are the sweetest and bestest EVER fur thinking of me. NOW... NOW you go and make SURE that your mom doesn't Accidently inhale any PIZZA BONES.... those are NOT good fur what AILS HER... We are Pawsitive of that... Pizza Bones would give her a terrible Setback.... so Abby... you will have to Suffer and Scarf them down yourself... JUST fur HER Medical Treatment... to pawvent her having a Setback. You have a BONE I FIED DUTY to care fur her to the bestest of your ability.
    Sending some POTP fur her to get better speedy quick.

    1. crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch. Just doing my duty sweetie.

      Abby Lab

  2. Frankie would sure like those cream cheese penguin treats. We would too :D
    Happy Barkday to Frankie!!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  3. Hari OM
    Oh my word Abby, those penguins look delicious! Crapberry juice can be delish too - unless it is serving the purpose of medicine, of course; then it's just plain yuk! Sending some POTP to mum and hugs and wags to the primary carer! YAM-aunty xxx

  4. My momma said somefin bout adding some lime juice, vodka, and triple sec (or better yet Gran Mariner) to dat cranberry juice . . . MOL!

  5. Happy happy birthday, sweet Ernie!

    Feel better!

    Monty and Harlow

  6. Happy birthday! (Love the olive penguins!)

  7. Frankie's birthday party looks amazing and that pizza is so tempting my friend. I too am in search for the DIY menu for my husband’s food tasting themed party. This bash would be held at one of the rental LA venues and the venue will arrange all the d├ęcor and seating whereas I want to make all of the food. Do you have any ideas for the menu?

  8. Here are some good recipes that might work! Thanks for visiting.


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