Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Allergy Ears

Time to give Abby her ear drops - always an adventure :-)


  1. WHO gets the KNOB CREEK???????? Sorry you have a Fection... I have AFFECTION fur YOU, you know...

    1. Mom and Dad both like Knob Creek. It's medicinal you know :-)

      your Abby

  2. If you think eardrops are bad, try the ear wash stuff first!

  3. Never much fun for the furries or the peeps. The last time one of us had an ear infection, Mom thinks it was Phantom, the vet gave her something that was a one shot dose, very easy to dispense, one and done. She can't remember the name but it was so successful that it is almost impossible to get now. Always sold out. Good luck with the drops, and hope the ears are better soon.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Oh gurl ~ I feel your PAIN! Oh, that was for you Abby, and Ma says she feels you Moms pain too....I run under the kitchen table and refuse to come out! Ma says that the whiskey is a good idea..for her, not me....☺
    And, she says if your Moms has any tricks, to lets her know!
    Ruby ♥

  5. We hope you are wearing your vest!

    Your Pals Who Are Trying To Catch Up,

    Murphy & Stanley & The Laundry Queen

  6. is the whiskey helpful for the pup or for the peeps? if for the dog, please tell me how much bottles I need to avoid a wrestling before the procedure :o)


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