Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tea Time!

Mom made sourdough English Muffin Bread (no knead, you just need two bowls and a mixer) for afternoon teatime.

The recipe is at:

Little known fact - the Labrador retriever tongue is specially constructed to lick the butter and jam out of all the little nooks and crannies in an English muffin

Abby Lab


  1. Do you think a mutt's tongue could do the same?

  2. OMD OMLR.... I did NOT KNOW THAT about a L.R.'s Tongue... THAT is very handy fur you.

  3. AND peanut butter! We terriers are good at that, too. No wait, we sort of just gulp down the whole thing at once.

  4. I agree YUMMM!!!! and we will try the recipe... the mama is a fan of tea time with jam and clotted cream and all zip&zap :o)


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