Monday, April 9, 2018

I Shot the Ferret, but I Did Not Shoot the Parakeet. . . .

Music - we all respond to it, even Abby Lab who gets excited when a certain Piano Guys CD starts as it's the one I workout to which means the giant exercise ball is coming out which she thinks is HER toy.

My parents regularly listened to music, mostly Big Band from the 40's but when I was a kid they'd listen to a local radio station playing the popular hits.

One day in the 70's  I came home from high school, and the song "Do the Hustle" was on.

Mom was dancing around singing to it as she tidied up the kitchen, but instead of "Do the Hustle" she was singing "Tuna Casserole!" Seriously Mom, tuna casserole

I've been down that wrong of "wrong lyrics" myself, for years singing Johnny Nash's song "I Can See Clearly Now" as "I Can See Clearly Now Lorraine is Gone" and ABBA's famous "Dancing Queen, feel the beat from this tangerine" and our favorite childhood band "The Monkees" with "Then I saw her face, now I"m gonna leave  her, which always made my Dad chuckle.

And the Elton John song from my high school days was NOT "Hold me Closer Tony Danza", nor was Dire Straits lyrics "Money for nothing and chips for free".

So folks, what are the song lyrics YOU used to butcher?
"Rock the Cat Box"

"What do you mean it's "Rock the Casbah", Mom?"


  1. BOL - these are hysterical!!! Mom says one of our human sisters used to really butcher songs when she was little, but the old brain can't remember any. On a slightly different note, Mom just heard that listening to music on a regular basis is another of those good ways to keep the brain from losing those cells:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Momma says the official term for that is a "mondegreen." This comes from a person mishearing a famous-at-the-time song lyric "and laid him on the green" as "and Lady Mondegreen."

  3. There's a country song called "If I Die Young." The real lyric is "lay me in the river at dawn." Momma kept hearing it as "lay me in the River Acton," like it was a specific river.

  4. I don't think I'll ever be able to actually do the hustle to tuna casserole with a straight face again.

  5. One that got me into trouble...We used to sing along with our parents' Jim Reeves LP's. One song had the refrain, "Roses are red, my love, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, my love, But not as sweet as you," after the first couple of verses, and then I heard the very last line as "But not...May God bless you." (Actually it was "Good luck! May God bless you.) So one day I sang the words I heard for company and got sent to my room for being a smart-aleck...

  6. Those were great! We love to spoof things! A long time ago ghostwriter wrote a spoof of the X-Files called the X-Piles with Box Elder and Danish Cruller. She's going to have to hunt around for it since she wrote it way back when we got our first computer, printed it out and never saved it.

    (Oh, and the first picture with the Cool Whip: ghostwriter has a little old lady patient who used to work in a factory and she actually made the Cool Whip!)

  7. My daughter came out of her room one morning when she was in grade 6 or 7 and asked me what a "toupee" was. I told her it was a man's wig and asked why she wanted to know. She replied that she had been listening to Ozzy's Crazy Train and knew she had heard the word before but wasn't sure why he wanted to "learn how to love, and forget the toupee" (forget how to HATE). Totally spoiled a classic rock song for me cuz I get the giggles ever time I hear it now....


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