Friday, April 6, 2018


The photo is the little "pocket Titanic" complete with iceberg and lifeboats and sits in my office.  It has silently made its way onto the table in meetings.  I work for headquarters in D.C. now, rather than field work, so it's appropriate.

All I can say after a very busy week. . .

Thank Dog it's Friday!
Could I have a treat while you pour that glass of Chardonnay Mom?


  1. We were wondering why Mom and Dad were shaking their heads again so much this week:)

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty,and Timber

  2. Abby do tell us did you get a treat...'cause my mom said she would give you a bag of treats for that precious face you have going on there.
    Happy relaxing weekend we hope
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. I did, I did! The face works well. Mom was going to adopt another dog that wasn't as sick as I was but then she saw the picture of my face and changed her mind and got me. Abby Lab


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