Friday, April 27, 2018

Meet Beaux Tox - A Dog That Shows That It's Only a Heart that is Beautiful

Blogville is made up of animal lovers from all over the world.  We share in our joys, and we help each other heal with our losses.  Sometimes we meet someone new, unexpectedly and they quickly become part of our world.  Sometimes those souls are two-legged.  Sometimes they are four.

Such it was with Beaux, a purebred Labrador retriever who had been terribly neglected, left outside for years, without shelter or a bed, simply because he had been born looking a little different than his brothers and sisters.

He has been all over the news this last week, on the Today show, featured by People magazine and multiple major media channels.  When I read his story, I had to reach out to to the woman who rescued him to see what I could do to share his story, and her continued efforts to help other shelter dogs.


It made me cry, sorry for the life he had previously and so happy for the life he has now. I was so touched by what the lady that rescued him, Jamie, did for him, investing not just dollars, but her heart, in getting him to a safe and happy place, a journey that involved almost losing him more than once.   Beaux is now happy and healthy, going from 42 pounds to 108 pounds of pure Labrador love and his mom is raising money to help OTHER pets in need. After chatting with her and learning more about what she does for a number of animals we were so happy to help.
For how can you resist this happy face.  Beaux loves wearing his handmade ties and "Beaux -Ties" as it makes him more approachable by people who quickly learn what a loving and happy soul he is.

Because the people that recognize that love is a heart and not your appearance are truly special. - L.B. Johnson.


  1. Oh, what a sweetheart! We hope you have a grreat life from now on, Beaux!

  2. Hari OM
    Thank you for bringing Beaux to us! What a joyful character; Love wins the day. YAM xx

  3. So glad that Beaux has found a furever home full of love
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. You can feel his love. Wishing Beaux the best.

  5. Kudos to you for your advocacy. What a beautiful story.

  6. Great story! We think he's adorable!


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