Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sending Warmer(er) Thoughts

Abby Lab here - it's day 2 of the Polar Vortex here in Chiberia. Yesterday it was Minus 23 when Mom got up and today it was Minus 21. With 20+ mph winds that made the wind chill down in the minus 50's.  Brrrr

I don't get to go sniff in the backyard as I won't come in when called. So I have been leaving pee-mail in the front yard where Dad lets me out with a leash.  Our walk is just from the back porch to the end of the driveway and back.  I'll do my business there and then we run back into the house for a treat.

Dad took time off from work to help Mom out.   She teleworked today wearing about 87 layers of clothes  I just napped and collected funny weather things.  Smile!


  1. That is way too cold! We enjoyed all of those and the one about the South sure is true!

  2. We do like the cold but we think we don't want to live in Chicago when the polar vortex hits!!! Cute memes:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. I hope it warms up soon. I can't wait for the summer so we can complain about the heat.

  4. Momma says sometimes she misses living in Chicago, but NOT NOW!

  5. we're in the Detroit area and we were right there with ya! Waaaay below zero just like you! Glad we are all having a warm up this weekend!

  6. When it's this cold, you absolutely need smiles to get through it. Well done. Hope it's getting warmer now.

  7. Wow! A blowtorch to clear the ice off the driveway. What a great idea!

    It's actually warming up around here right now, and all our nice snow is melting.


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