Saturday, January 16, 2016

Canine Home Improvement

I got home from work Friday - I saw that the Dog Walker had been by at lunch but Abby didn't come to the door to greet me which was unusual.

As I walked in the dining room, I spot this piece of wood on the floor  ???

It looks like the new trim from the kitchen, put up after the new tile went in and before the new cabinets go in and walls are prepped and painted. 

Yup. But How?  And Why? Abby's NOT a chewer nor does she play with sticks or other hard toys, just her stuffies.
There - in the crack between the cabinet that's coming out and wall was a stray treat. Dad  can snag that and throw it away.
She must have tried to fetch it with her paw, catching the edge of the newly installed trim and it popped right off, breaking as it did so.

No - some other dog did that.

But seriously Mom, you've been way stingy with the treats.
I worship at the portable treat alter, and there were NONE.  Just some protein powder made out of ground up yard gnomes and honey.
Someone put them up where I can't grab the whole bag.

I was FORCED to scrounge for a stale dust bunny-infused treat.

OK Abby You're forgiven, Dad can make a new piece of trim later, we're going to the store now.
Honey - while we're gone - let's put the chain saw up as well, OK?


  1. OH MY DEAR SWEET ABBY... BLESS YOUR HEART... you took the Blame fur what was OBVIOUSLY the work of a SQUIRREL...
    Now Sweetie... let me.. (Frankie Furter...JUDGE of the Court of Common Fleas)tell you that one should NEVER take the Fall fur a SQUIRREL.. they are SO unappreciative and EVIL.
    You just go ahead and Tell your peeps that it REALLY wasn't YOU... YOU WERE NAPPING when the CRIME was committed... Squirrels are SNEAKY. And THEY must have let one IN... when they went OUT... THEIR Fault that ALL this occurred ...

  2. Abby per chance did a kitty kat get in your house?
    Years ago my human sis was pet sitting the Lab a few doors up from us. When she got to the house, she called Home telling mom to get up there quick. That Lab had eaten baseboard and chewed one chair leg or maybe there was a kitty kat there too
    Hugs Madi

  3. Since there is no video evidence then of course Abby is innocent. And she isn't even getting enough treats to have the energy to do anything but lie there!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Those treats are always falling in the worst places.

  5. Hari OM
    Abby, tell them you were practising your field-survival skills!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. I understand you Abby... I had to work like a slave once too to get an itsy bitsy tiny crumb what I discovered under the sofa... and after I've got it with leaving a battlefield behind, I noticed that it was a piece of the diet-kibble... eeeeew :o)


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