Monday, April 2, 2018

For Casey's Mom - Faire Fail

Since Casey's Mom at
loves to do the Renaissance Faire events (and she has THE most beautiful gown for this year, I got a sneak peak) I thought I would make her smile with some FAIRE FAIL. My daughter and best friend love these events as well so I've been to more than one.
 When Monster Energy Drinks just aren't enough.
If I put a pumpkin on my head no one will notice I'm dressed for Spring Break.
 Ren goddesses dig  Mandalorian battle armor.
 NOT my idea of Date Knight.
 I think we have a gator, a wolf, and Puss in Tacky Pants.
 Because a geisha umbrella totally completes the look.
 Lost Unicorn - if found, stop doing drugs.
Trying to be the Centaur of attention.


  1. At first glance I thought the Centaur was going into a horse trailer, then I realized what he was doing, LOL! Never been to one of these fairs, but they look like they would be hilarious.

  2. OMD, the centaur!! BOL!!! Momma says she never seen THAT at her faire!

  3. BOL - Centaur of Attention - thanks for the smile!!! Mom and Dad enjoy the Renaissance Faire held here in the fall too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. The Centaur of Attention one is funny. Haven't done a Renaissance Festival in years and certainly never saw one of those creatures!

  5. These are hilarious!

  6. Bol! Some people's children as my grandmother use to say.

  7. the umbrella is great... it makes the costume really to an eye catcher... who'da thunk it? ;O))))))))))))))


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