Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Story of Miss Piggy the Lab - a Fight Against the High Kill Shelters

My friend Miss Piggy the Lab and one of her "stuffies".

Abby the Lab here - now that I snooted Mom awake at 8 a.m. after she ended up working very late, and had my food, it's time for a message while Mom does her "Walking Dead" impersonation and crawls back into bed soon.

For my fur-ends here - you know my story.  I was saved, just hours from death, at a high kill shelter where I'd been left heartworm positive.  I still miss my old family and whine and wag my tail when I see and smell a dark haired man smoking a cigarette as my owner smoked.  But they didn't have the money for the medicine that would save me, which makes my Mom very sad as Senior dogs have so much love to gift you with.
I'm just glad I was rescued and my Mom cared enough to take  on an older dog who had been so sick.

That's why she writes and gives book sales money to a number of animal non-profits like this Month's Waldo's Muttley Crew fundraiser (Kindles of Saving Grace just 99 cents this weekend for Waldo!)

She's also made some really good friends, not just here in Blogville but among the rescue folks.

One of those is Carol Lagundo and her Lab rescue (pictured here) Miss Piggy.t.

As a key part of Lab Rescue of the LRCP in Maryland, Carol is part of a Lab Walk to raise money for Lab Rescue on June 14 at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis Maryland.  If any members of Blogville life in the area go say hello and give a pat to Miss Piggy for me.  There will be all kinds of fun and you can even sponsor some of the individual walkers.

Here is the story, as told by Carol, of her high kill rescue - a dog Mom and I just love - Miss Piggy.

Here are a few pics of my girl.  She came to Lab Rescue when she was 10 years old.  Her owners brought her into a high-kill shelter and said they wanted to surrender her because “they wanted to travel more”.  The shelter staff told her “family” that she’d be euthanized before they pulled out of the parking lot because they were full and owner surrenders are the first to be put to sleep.  They didn’t care.  She was covered in fleas and ticks and had lived most of her life outside.  Lucky for her, a Lab Rescue volunteer was evaluating another dog and saw Piggy being brought in.  That volunteer immediately arranged transport and got her safely into Lab Rescue.  We fostered her, and knew immediately she was meant to stay.  I love what Lab Rescue does for these dogs – especially the seniors who get to live out their golden years with families who will love and appreciate them. - Carol
For those of you that support adoption of seniors and other animals - I thank you.  It's because of people like you that Miss Piggy and I have our fur-ever homes and all the love and stuffies we want.

Abby the Lab


  1. Amen, Abby! Miss Piggy is also a beautiful girl. I am happy you both found your forever homes!

  2. The callousness of humans who consider pets as disposable sickens us. Good thing there are good humans too.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We wish that heartworm PREVENTION had been given to you... BEFORE you were infected... butt Abby... that is all in your Past... and you have a good LOVING HOME now... THAT is WONDERFUL.

  4. So nice to see all the good work that goes on in lab rescue. I took in a lab once. His name was Dakota and he was 10 years old and severely overweight. But he had been trained as a seeing eye dog and was very well behaved. We put him on a diet and brought some of the weight off, then managed to find him a great new home.


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