Saturday, May 30, 2015

Welcome Home!

We made it home.  It's been a month since we've been here due to Mom's on call schedule and a move to a new condo  in the city where she works, though Dad spent two 3 day weekends with us.

I missed it.  I know Mom did too.  Thanks for keeping us company on all the nights she was on her own and Dad was in another state working. Blogville is my kind of town.

Abby Lab


  1. From the pictures of your home, it has so much charm. Hey, Readers, go out and get her new book, it's great. I damn near fell off the couch reading about the bird you tried so hard to teach to talk and one night with your brother and he picked up on one choice phrase!!! Morgan looked at me like I'd lost my mind when she saw me laughing.

  2. Glad you made it home. Looks like a really homey place too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Sherry - thanks for stopping in here and I'm glad you loved the book!


  4. Thanks Murphy and Stanley - I'm glad you like the house. Boy, you should have seen it when it was "new". It was a "fixer upper" built in 1915 and priced accordingly (though a fixer up here is not cheap with our "special Chicagoland pricing")

    The house was very dark with heavy drapes and dull wood and icky floors and fixtures. It also needed all new plumbing and wiring. It had been empty a while, the nice lady that lived here for so many years was in a nursing home and no one really kept the place up. Mom was glad that
    (1) she married an engineer and
    (2) she knew how to keep him supplied with sammiches.

    There's still kitchen cabinets to do and one pepto bismol pink bathroom upstairs but as it has a HUGE ceramic tub that Mom just loves she said she can live with it while landscaping is tidied up and more trees are planted as some couldn't be saved.

    She did find this sort of ugly, but fitting ceramic dish at a yard sale the neighbors said actually belonged to the original owner. Mom bought it and put it in a new place. She hopes the lady that lived here before looks down and likes how they kept it all original as best as they could

    Abby Lab

  5. Welcome BACK HOME Abby.... I (your escort for the Dance) Frankie Furter am getting Very much excited about tomorrow... I hope you are also.


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