Thursday, June 25, 2015

For The Fashionable Dog

Paracord is all the rage. Mom has made thing out of paracord, dog things and bracelets and what not as gifts for friends but boy - is it a lot of work.

If you want the latest in paracord accessories for your canine best friend without the fuss -  there's an easier way.

This family owned business can make paracord leashes and collars of all shapes and sizes with just the click of a mouse from their secure website! With all sort of colors to pick from (though Mom has a preference for the colors of U of I for everything, as that's where Dad graduated from with his engineering degree.)  Look on the sidebar for a photo of one of their newest collars.

Pudin's Paw paracord accessories are made out of the best quality, durable paracord and the weaving is precise and beautiful.  The nice thing about paracord--even though it's extremely strong - it has a slight bit of natural give, which keeps it from pinching my neck if I suddenly tug on the leash or collar.

My family likes unique things - When Dad and Mom got married - since she's in a male dominated profession and works with all guys (though honestly, she's just a total cuddly teddy bear) the joke was the wedding theme would be Ninja.  It was just a joke but Dad made her a handmade leather garter for the wedding with Ninja Throwing Knives which she wore under her beautiful, feminine dress, and everyone cracked up when she lifted the dress up to show it.
Things that are handmade, have their own kind of value - not just workmanship, but pride and a sense that you are getting the best for your loved ones, because in this case, I was--Mom said it's expertly made

Pudin is a lab who lives with his family in Seattle where Mom's brother and favorite Aunt and Uncle lived.  Pudin's family loves dogs and they love providing quality products for your beloved family members.  You can get collars and leashes for your favorite, colors, your favorite football teams,  boy collars, girl collars, "who the heck neutered me!" collars ---so many colors to pick from.

My order was easy and secure with Pudin's Paw being an Authorized Net Verified Merchant and certified secure by Volulsion SSL.  Pudin's Mom also is a member of of the National Association of Professional Woman and Mom and me like to promote women in business for themselves - especially when they do so to help an support their family.

Pudin's Paw has an assortment of styles and colors - of both leashes and collars, each one custom made from your dog's measurements. Though they are meticulously crafted---Mom said my collar was delivered very fast!

You might consider getting one for the next Blogville social gathering !

Abby "The Fashionista" Lab


  1. Hari OM
    Nicely presented Abby! I look forward to a piccy with you all cordblinged up! You are soooo right about the handmade with love thing... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Our dad made us each a paracord collar.
    Wally & Sammy

  3. That is a Good color combo fur your furs... Abby.

    OMD we love the PawMade Garter that your dad fashioned... he has a good sense of humor ...

  4. HA ha! Quite the garter!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  5. That garter is PAWESOME!! Some of Momma's friends call her "the Ninja Lawyer" because once she got stopped at the airport scanners because they thought her badge was a throwing star, BOL.


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