Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mini Golf Ball Cannons - When Lab Assistants Plot

So what was I up to?  Well there IS a Blogville rodeo coming up and I was thinking that we need to have a really rousing way to start the festivities.
It's a mini golf ball cannon.

You just need a few spare parts from the shed, garage, or evil laboratory and perhaps a friend or relative to divide the blame fun. And a golf ball.

The golf ball is essential.
Now I'm not going to explain how to build your own mini cannon. Sure enough I'd leave out one step, someone would lose an eye and the next thing you know, I'd be in front of Judge Furter and it wouldn't be as his dance partner.

Mom and her scientists friends were careful that they checked their state and local laws for restrictions on such things (many modern subdivisions have a "no cannons" covenant). They also reviewed all safety precautions - don't mix blackpowder with tequila, alpacas or enclosed areas.  They were in a VERY remote area where "splody" things regularly are and they had safety goggles, ear protection and fire suppression.
With the right amount of black powder, dry, loosely packed material (yes that is cloth) and a quick but thorough check of the area to make sure no people, animals,  personal property or any one's Treats Stash are in the line of fire and beyond.


Almost 1000 feet. You couldn't even see it go. A quick sponge out with the world's biggest home made Q-tip to to extinguish any burning powder remnants and cool the interior a bit and it was time for strike 2. 

Think of the possibilities.  Confetti cannons or an opening launch of of tiny squirrels into the arena. . .

Just think of the fourth of July like sound effects and. . 
What could possibly go wrong?
Stampede! (horse zoomies)

Mom says "no".  I'll see you at the rodeo.   I'll be sitting in the "no pyrotechnics" section. 

Abby Lab


  1. Well of course ya don't mix powder and tequila. Ya mix lime juice and tequila.

  2. Hari OM

    Brwaahahahahahahahahahah Abby, you little firebug you... I would listen to mum if I wuz you - but the launching squirrels might well appeal to a number of paws round here, so don't be surprised if the try to twist your tail on this one!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Love it! Did you have some fun with your new toy, Abby? Think what Mom could do with a larger pipe and a tennis ball! Tennis Ball Cannon for Dog!

  4. Very nice welding on the breech reinforcement. I am sure Philly would not approve, but we do have friends who farm and have a large open space.

    And if you stowed the launcher in a knapsack, would it be a pack a ball cannon?

    Great post.

  5. Well now..... I (Frankie Furter) was of the opinion that you were a very quiet and sedate lady about town.... NOW I see that I have a Square Dance Date with .... a gal who likes to Plot and Plan and SPLODE onto the scene. I may need to start taking DOUBLE DOSES of GERITOL just to keep up with you,Abby. That's OKAY though... I like a Lady with a bit of FIRE in the Furnace... I Love this cannon thingy... it is a shame that your mom put the KIBOSH on it... BUTT, we wouldn't want to cause COOKIE..Shasha's Chuck Wagon horses to BOLT and RUN... We want those foodables she has planned.

  6. Haha! That looks SO exciting! Probably smart to let people figure out how to build it themselves. Just in case they've been mixing tequila with…well, pretty much anything!

  7. Whitley Westie - that's the perfect recipe!

    Yamini - yes I thought the squirrel idea would be fun but Mom did't not did she think much of the glitter idea after the glitter bomb that went off at a certain redhead's Christmas party and we were cleaning that out of the corners of the room with Swiffers for a YEAR.

    Monkeywrangler - With Mom and Dad you never know what you may get into. When Engineers and Scientists marry.

    John - Mom says thanks - a golf ball is as big as it will take. It would have to be a jawbreaker sized cannon ball.

    Frankie - Oh, I have my sedate days, as I do like my naps and I love to commander the couch and stretch my nose and feet out as FAR as I can so there's no room for my peeps to sit while I snooze. Thank you for asking this gal to the dance.

    Amy Bower - thanks for stopping! Mom posted a recipe for berry cobbler on facebook once and forgot to add the sugar. . Several puckered up friends had to tell her. So she knows better than to post anything that could harm someone's big or little peeps.

    Abby Lab

  8. Let's see now . . . I am sure I can get it to fire off tennis balls. I have a plan now I just need materials . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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